Fast Standing Modes in Transversely Nonuniform Solar Coronal Slabs: Effects of a Finite Plasma Beta

Shao-Xia Chen, Bo Li, Sanjay Kumar, Hui Yu, Mijie Shi

We examine the dispersive properties of linear fast standing modes in transversely nonuniform solar coronal slabs with finite gas pressure, or, equivalently, finite plasma beta. We derive a generic dispersion relation governing fast waves in coronal slabs for which the continuous transverse distributions of the physical parameters comprise a uniform core, a uniform external medium, and a transition layer (TL) in between. The profiles in the TL are allowed to be essentially arbitrary. Restricting ourselves to the first several branches of fast modes, which are of most interest from the observational standpoint, we find that a finite plasma beta plays an at most marginal role in influencing the periods ($P$), damping times ($\tau$), and critical longitudinal wavenumbers ($k_{\rm c}$), when both $P$ and $\tau$ are measured in units of the transverse fast time. However, these parameters are in general significantly affected by how the TL profiles are described. We conclude that, for typical coronal structures, the dispersive properties of the first several branches of fast standing modes can be evaluated with the much simpler theory for cold slabs provided that the transverse profiles are properly addressed and the transverse Alfv\’en time in cold MHD is replaced with the transverse fast time.

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