Harmonics of Solar Radio Spikes at Metric Wavelengths

Shiwei Feng, Yao Chen, Chuanyang Li, Bing Wang, Zhao Wu, Xiangliang Kong, Qingfu Du, Junrui Zhang, Guoqing Zhao

This paper presents the latest observations from the newly-built solar radio spectrograph at the \emph{Chashan Solar Observatory}. On July 18 2016, the spectrograph records a solar spike burst event, which has several episodes showing harmonic structures, with the second, third, and fourth harmonics. The lower harmonic radio spike emissions are observed later than the higher harmonic bands, and the temporal delay of the second (third) harmonic relative to the fourth harmonic is about 30\ –\ 40 (10) ms. Based on the electron cyclotron maser emission mechanism, we analyze possible causes of the temporal delay and further infer relevant coronal parameters, such as the magnetic field strength and the electron density at the radio source.

Original Article: http://arxiv.org/abs/1802.03541