Reflection of fast magnetosonic waves near magnetic reconnection region

Elena Provornikova, J. Martin Laming, Vyacheslav S. Lukin

Magnetic reconnection in the solar corona is thought to be unstable to the formation of multiple interacting plasmoids, and previous studies have shown that plasmoid dynamics can trigger MHD waves of different modes propagating outward from the reconnection site. However, variations in plasma parameters and magnetic field strength in the vicinity of a coronal reconnection site may lead to wave reflection and mode conversion. In this paper we investigate the reflection and refraction of fast magnetoacoustic waves near a reconnection site. Under a justified assumption of an analytically specified Alfv\'{e}n speed profile, we derive and solve analytically the full wave equation governing propagation of fast mode waves in a non-uniform background plasma without recourse to the small-wavelength approximation. We show that the waves undergo reflection near the reconnection current sheet due to the Alfv\’en speed gradient and that the reflection efficiently depends on the plasma-$\beta$ parameter as well as on the wave frequency. In particular, we find that waves are reflected more efficiently near reconnection sites in a low-$\beta$ plasma which is typical for the solar coronal conditions. Also, the reflection is larger for lower frequency waves while high frequency waves propagate outward from the reconnection region almost without the reflection. We discuss the implications of efficient wave reflection near magnetic reconnection sites in strongly magnetized coronal plasma for particle acceleration, and also the effect this might have on First Ionization Potential (FIP) fractionation by the ponderomotive force of these waves in the chromosphere.

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Waves in Solar Coronal Loops

Tongjiang Wang

Recent observations have revealed the ubiquitous presence of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves and oscillations in the solar corona. The aim of this review is to present recent progress in the observational study of four types of wave (or oscillation) phenomena mainly occurring in active region coronal loops, including (i) flare-induced slow mode oscillations, (ii) fast kink mode oscillations, (iii) propagating slow magnetoacoustic waves, and (iv) ubiquitous propagating kink (Alfvenic) waves. This review not only comprehensively outlines various aspects of these waves and coronal seismology, but also highlights the topics that are newly emerging or hotly debated, thus can provide readers a useful guidance on further studies of their interested topics.

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