Assessing the Capabilities of Dynamic Coronal Seismology of Alfv\’enic Waves through Forward Modeling

N. Magyar, Y. Van Doorsselaere

Coronal seismology is a diagnostic tool used in solar physics for measuring parameters that are otherwise hard to measure; of these parameters, magnetic field values are arguably the most important. The parameters are inferred by combining observations of waves with magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) wave theory. To date, coronal seismology has successfully been applied to various single-oscillation events. Such events are relatively rare, resulting in rare occasions to use diagnostics. Ubiquitous waves in the solar atmosphere might, however, allow for the possibility of dynamic coronal seismology, which involves the continuous inversions of coronal parameters and would constitute a huge leap forward in many areas of solar physics. In this paper, we investigate the robustness and accuracy of magnetic field diagnostics applied to forward-modeled 3D MHD simulations of propagating Alfv\’enic waves. We find that the seismologically measured magnetic field values are reassuringly close to the input value (within 20%) for a range of setups studied, providing encouragement and confidence for the further development of dynamic coronal seismology.

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