Sunspot Drawings by Japanese Official Astronomers in 1749-1750

Hisashi Hayakawa, Kiyomi Iwahashi, Masashi Fujiyama, Toshiki Kawai, Shin Toriumi, Hideyuki Hotta, Haruhisa Iijima, Shinsuke Imada, Harufumi Tamazawa, Kazunari Shibata

Sunspot observations with telescopes in 18th century were carried out in Japan as well. One of these sunspot observations is recorded in an account called Sansaizusetsu narabini Kansei irai Jissoku Zusetsu (Charts of Three Worlds and Diagrams of Actual Observations since Kansei Era). We analyze manuscripts of this account to show in total 15 sunspot drawings in 1749-1750. These observations were carried out by contemporary official astronomers in Japan, with telescopes covered by zongurasus (< zonglas in Dutch, corresponding to "sunglass" in English). We count their group number of sunspots to locate them in long-term solar activity and show that their observations were situated around the solar maximum in 1749 or 1750. We also computed their locations and areas, while we have to admit the difference of variant manuscripts with one another. These observational records show the spread of sunspot observations not only in Europe but also in Japan and hence may contribute to crosscheck or possibly improve the known sunspot indices.

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