Investigation of the possible source for solar energetic particle event of 2017 September 10

Ming-Xian Zhao, Gui-Ming Le, Yu-Tian Chi

According to the solar protons’ data observed by Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) and neutron monitors on the ground of the Earth, and near-relativistic electrons data measured by the ACE spacecraft, the onset times of protons with different energies and near-relativistic electrons have been estimated and compared with the time of solar soft and hard X-ray and radio burst data. The results show that first arriving relativistic and non-relativistic protons and electrons may be accelerated by the concurrent flare. The results also suggest that release times of protons with different energies may be different, and the protons with lower energy may release earlier than those with higher energy. Some protons accelerated by concurrent flares may be further accelerated by CME-driven shock.

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