Automated detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) on-board ADITYA-L1

Ritesh Patel, K. Amareswari, Vaibhav Pant, Dipankar Banerjee, K. Sankarasubramanian

An onboard automated coronal mass ejections (CMEs) detection algorithm has been developed for Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) onboard ADITYA-L1. The aim of this algorithm is to reduce the load on telemetry by sending the high spatial ($\sim$ 2.51 arcsec pixel$^{-1}$) and temporal (1 s) resolution images of corona from 1.05 R$_{\odot}$ to 3 R$_{\odot}$, containing CMEs and rejecting others. It is based on intensity thresholding followed by an area thresholding in successive running difference images which are re-binned to lower resolution to improve signal to noise. Here we present the results of application of the algorithm on synthetic corona images generated for the VELC field of view (FOV).

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