Solar jet-like features rooted on flare ribbons

Xiaohong Li, Jun Zhang, Shuhong Yang, Yijun Hou

Employing the high spatio-temporal Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph 1330 {\AA} observations, we investigated the jet-like features that occurred during the X8.2 class flare in NOAA active region (AR) 12673 on 2017 September 10. These jet-like features were rooted on the flare ribbons. We examined 15 features, and the mean values of the lifetimes, projected widths, lengths and velocities of these features were 87 s, 890 km, 2.7 Mm and 70 km s$^{-1}$, respectively. We also observed many jet-like features which happened during the X1.0 class flare on 2014 October 25. We studied the spectra at the base of a jet-like feature during its development. The Fe XXI 1354.08 {\AA} line in the corona displays blueshift, while the Si IV 1402.77 {\AA} line in the transition region exhibits redshift, which indicates the chromospheric evaporation. This is the first time that the jet-like features are reported to be rooted on the flare ribbons, and we suggest that these jet-like features were driven by the mechanism of chromospheric evaporation.

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